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Self Defense


We are witness to severe violence against women that takes place daily everywhere throughout the world.

The Center has developed a unique method for teaching women self defense, out of a full understanding of the physical ability manifested in the female body.


At the Center, we train women to avoid entering into violent situations, to defend themselves from acts of violence, to withstand stressful situations.

We teach the women to defend themselves against hand and knife attacks, to release themselves from combat attacks standing up and on the

ground, to neutralize fear of fighting, to free themselves from grabs, and to cope with hostile physical closeness as well as improving their

physical fitness, which is acquired particularly through the study of judo groundwork.

An important issue is the hitchhiking situation.

Therefore, we teach the women how to escape from a moving vehicle, defense against rape attacks and defense in situations of surprise-attack and unprepared ness.

Course Duration:

  1. One year, twice a week;

  2. Short 36-hour courses, 3 hours per week, once a week;

  3. Weekend course, 17 hours.

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