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Krav Maga Maor KAMAM

Krav Maga Maor Overview 

The Krav Maga Maor (KAMAM) method was born out of the real need of dozens of combat soldiers in the Israeli security forces, who not infrequently found themselves in life and death situations of hand-to-hand combat. For over ten years, I have been teaching military contact fighting (krav maga) based on the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) method and additional ideas developed through fighting experience in the field.

By examining events in real time, filmed on video, I have often seen how both traditional and modern martial arts have been unable to provide a suitable response to every situation. The self defense methods developed over the past thirty years on the basis of a combination of krav maga and techniques from the East and the West have not always met the test of real situations.

The ongoing combat has created the need, first of all, to find ways of avoiding violent confrontation and, when there is no alternative, to enable the soldiers to get out of difficult situations safely and reduce to a minimum the damage caused by the initial attack. I have, therefore, developed a method based on the combat experience of all those who have operated and continue to operate in tough situations on a daily basis in defense of the State. The method is based on the IDF Krav Maga, combat Jujitsu, Judo and Karate, and it has proved itself time and time again over the past several years, since the beginning of the wave of acts of violence and the increase in problems which other methods have been unable to deal with.

Since Krav Maga Maor was originally developed for the security forces, the training time is very short. There are no restrictions or prohibitions, and therefore it is lethal. It will become second nature only with continual practice, but the initial familiarization stage is very short relative to other methods. There is no practicing in front of a mirror, only training – one on one, or one against many. The method has no “attractive”, pre-ordained sets of actions (katas), just natural and effective movements, involving minimum effort and using a natural starting position, which is actually not a “position” but a natural posture that each one of us adopts during at least some of our everyday activities. Each technique also has a rapid and decisive conclusion. At the heart of KAMAM is continuous movement and constant evasion. It specializes in attacking weak points. It has no blocks, only deflections. Kicks are low, going down and ahead, with no retreat. The method combines the brainpower and the power of weapons, with a full understanding of the legal limitations imposed by the modern world, within which we have to deal with the challenges of Krav Maga Maor.

The Krav Maga Maor method is intended not only for the security forces, but also for other non-military target groups such as women, young people, and also, of course, average adults. There is no special training gear, just ordinary clothes, which is usually what we will be wearing when we find ourselves in a real state of danger. Contest bouts are held in full protective gear, to avoid unnecessary training injuries. The method does not award belts or ranks like the Japanese methods, just a ranking of stages of progress, determined by ability in the field and level of performance. Surprise tests of immediate response are an inseparable part of the continual testing of overall ability and improved physical fitness. The advanced stages incorporate weapons training, such as knives, guns or rifles, and special approaches to particular situations, where any everyday object can become a dangerous weapon in trained hands. At every point in time, the method emphasizes maximum control, which prevents unnecessary violence.

The book cannot replace real training with a qualified teacher. Its purpose is to serve as an aid to the student and to the teacher, providing a reminder of techniques that have been learned and practiced.

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