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Karate Self Defense

Instructors’ Course For Senior Practitioners of Other Martial Arts

Course Aims:

To further self-defense and include it in the various Martial Arts through promoting understanding, deepening and broadening fighting skills.


Course Curriculum:

  • Methodological main points in Krav Maga Maor

  • Considerations in teaching Krav Maga Maor to prepubescent children

  • Combative and firness games in Krav Maga Maor

  • Role and duties of the Instructor

  • Coaching Theory elements for Krav Maga Maor

  • Hand and foot blows

  • Kicks

  • Rolls and breakfalls

  • Defending against blows, kicks, weapons (clubs, knives, firearms etc.)

  • Releases from grips and hugs

  • Learning specific Katas for Karate and Judo

  • Fighting practice and using it for sports-fight and street-fight; speed, agility, professional       know-how, physical fitness, tactics.

Dress: Karategi of the appropriate organization.

Qualification requirements: Successfully passing all theoretical and practical exams.

Diploma: Qualified alumni receive a Qualified Krav Maga Maor Instructors’ Diploma, issued by the Maor Self-Defense Center.


Course Duration:

  • One week – 52 study hours.

Course Acceptance Requirements:

  • Age: 18 and up

  • Black Belt Grade from an internationally – or state – recognized organization

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