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Krav Maga Maor KAMAM

Prison Guards








The objective of this course is to train prison guards and to impart to them advanced knowledge and practical and theoretical training and a full understanding of the legal restrictive conditions in the country and their integration with the violence found in modern prisons in the framework of which the prison guards will be required to deal with self defense challenges.


Course Curriculum:

  • Practice of new and advanced face-to-face combat techniques and skills, using cold arms and firearms

  • Overtaking an out-of-control prisoner

  • Teamwork within the prison cell

  • Ground combat, policing, transporting a prisoner

  • Body search

  • Use of weapons appropriate for use by Prison Service personnel

  • Handcuffing, use of club, use of plastic shield

  • Theoretical: Negotiations, tactical thinking, role assignment before breaking into a cell, distance and timing, situation evaluation process according to options.

Course Duration:

Four days of instruction and practice, 6 hours each day – total 24 hours.

Course Acceptance Requirements:

Good health and a positive ergo metric examination, good physical fitness.

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