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Meet Amnon


Amnon Maor


Maor Self Defense Center

Amnon Maor was born in 1959 in Israel.

Amnon served his military service in one of the IDF elite units.
Training: Sniper Course. Peaceful penetration and raiding. Anti-terrorism and infantry courses.
Professional studies: Wingate karate instructor’s course, Judo and Krav Maga.
Teaching at the Wingate Institute: Leader of the instructor’s course for  fighters to security personnel.
Bachelor of Business Administration degree.
Chairman of Israel’s self-defense center teaching in Israel and abroad.
Developer of the Seven level System, for Krav Maga.
Project Director of the Israel Police on demonstrations management.
Currently teaches and trains the elite units of the Israel Police and IDF.

Our Center

The Israel Self Defense Center was founded in 2004 in the city of Modi’in (located between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem). We established the Center in Modi’in because Modi’in is a unique, modern Israeli city with a young population and a large number of children – it is the city of the future.

The Center is an educational institution that trains instructors and trainees to teach self defense. From a young age, children, according to their stage of development, participate in a special program that focuses on coordination, physical fitness, psychology, and love for others and for oneself.

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