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Self Defense


When instructing children, we emphasize the importance of respecting others,then approach the issue of defense and only then, if there is no other choice – the attack.

When teaching children from a young age, we can educate them to be non-violent citizens and develop their tolerance, courage and moral behavior.

These characteristics are instilled upon them during regular and structured training sessions, according to a year-long program, which include: physical fitness (using games that develop coordination, explosive strength, speed, quick thinking, controlled reaction), spatial vision and discipline.

Every exercise is significant in creating an internal physical defense for the child.

Using the knowledge acquired by the trainee, he will know how to protect himself in the best and most effective manner.

We learned how to teach children from specialists on the subject and from psychologists who believe that through the martial arts we will develop children who are strong both mentally and physically.

Course Duration:

  1. One year, 45-minute lessons twice a week.

  2. During the year, the trainees take a stage test.

  3. 4-hour weekend seminars are available as well.

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