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Krav Maga Maor KAMAM

Defense Baton








The Defense-Baton is an aid for self defense developed within the “Maor Self Defense” system.

It is a further development of the “Hand Shock”, extending it.

There are two versions:

  1. The 14 Baton, a 14”-long implement, designed for bodyguards and security personnel working in closed, cramped quarters – rooms, vehicles etc.

  2. the 24 Baton, 24” long overall, designed for police and other security personnel, working in open spaces, for example, when confronting violent demonstrations.

In both versions the “Hand Shock” serves as the handle, from which a staff extends, made of the same material as the handle and cast integrally with it.

The handle ensures that the baton will not be dropped if the user opens his hand to grasp at, or push away, the assailant. On the staff there are protuberances (1 on the 14 baton, 3 on the 24 baton), for exerting pressure on vulnerable points on the assailant, both in order to enhance the pushing back of the assailant, and to help in freeing the baton from a possible grasp of the assailant.

The baton is to be used for blocking and diverting attacks, be they by arms, legs, or by weapons such as knives, cudgels etc.

The 24 baton may also be used as a truncheon.

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