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Self Defense


The main objective of this course is to integrate two situations: self defense against a person or several people, and if the attack takes a violent turn – a knife attack, a life-threatening danger – to shoot with one crucial goal – saving life.

Field experience shows that in situations in which security personnel were untrained and did not know how to combine self defense and shooting under pressure, use of firearms was dominant and they injured and killed in an unprofessional manner, out of fear and lack of knowledge.

The course intends to significantly improve the subject of self defense, withstanding pressure and the skilled use of firearms for precision shooting so that shooters do not constitute a risk to themselves or to others in their vicinity.

Course Curriculum:

  • Fundamentals of Krav Maga Maor – knife, stick, firearm combat; releases from grabs, hugs, kicks and hand-chokes.

  • Use of firearms – quick drawing, quick shooting exercises, malfunctions and jams, shooting positions, intensive one-handed shooting.

  • Exercises combining  shooting and self defense.

  • Physical fitness.


Course Acceptance Requirements:

  • Lack of criminal record (certified)

  • Good health and good physical fitness

  • Age 18 and above

  • Approval by Acceptance Committee

Study Framework:

  • Concentrated week-long course, with dormitory-style lodging

  • The course is designed for both men and women

  • Participants who successfully complete the course will receive a “Completed Self Defense Shooting Course” certificate

  • The course will be held in Israel

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