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Train to keep fit !

Dear all,

We hope that you have a good summer and that you make the best out of


We are asking you to train to keep fit! Train regularly 3 times a week!

There are several possibilities to train Krav Maga Maor keeping the


Focus on training your  movements, coordination, power, fitness for Self


Perfect training tools for distance training are a 20 cm stick, kubotan,

knife, lapa and mainly a swimming noodle (it is cheap and offers a lot

of possibilities). Train with these tools keeping the distance!

Train combinations, train OUTSIDE!

We also will focus on all these points in our seminars in 2020. 3 hours

of training per day is enough in the seminar

under these special circumstances.

We are planning to take on the training in September and also to hold

the camp in Tarifa (October 4 to 11) unless the situation worsens


All best

on behalf of Amnon Maor


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