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Stay strong !

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Dear all,

First of all: We wish you strength and mind power to handle the


We are with our dear Italian friends who are in the most difficult

situation: MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU !!!!!

We are looking forward to seeing you all healthy and happy very soon!

We have postponed the following seminars:

The Maor Instructor Course part 1 in ROSENHEIM, Germany will now take

place 18/19/20 of September 2020

The Maor Instructor Course in WUPPERTAL, Germany will take place in

September or December 2020

All the other seminars from September onwards will take place as


We will all have to stay home for a while.

Please find in the attachment a 10 minutes workout and 22 stretching

exercises. It is important that you stay fit!

Try to do this REGULARILY!

All very best to all of you and your families!


Amnon Maor and Beat, MAOR CENTER ISRAEL

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